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Author: E. Molee

Date: 1911

Type: A Posteriori (Source: Germanic)

Sample Translation
ein union spiek, makn up ov deuch, english, skandinavish and hollandi, for to agenferrein al tutonish folka into ein spiek mitin feivti jiera A union language, made up of german, English, skandinavian and dutch, to re-unite all teutonic people into one language within fifty years.

Miscellaneous Information:

Molee was born in Muskego, Wisconsin to recently arrived Norwegian immigrant parents. In his autobiography molee's wandering (written without capital letters, which he considered "cruel, non-ethical, non-artistic, and non-scientific"), he describes an idyllic childhood spent listening to tales of Norse mythology in his family's log cabin, eating "good pancakes with milk in e dough n much egg n butter in it," and roaming the fields picking fresh berries, plums and nuts with the local children.

Elias Molee was the author of American Language (1888), Pure Saxon English (1890), Tutonish (1902), Niu Tutonish (1906), Altutonish (1912), Alteutonik (1915), Dynamic Language (1921), and Toito Spike (1923).

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