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Author: A. Gode/IALA

Date: 1951

Type: A Posteriori (Source: Mostly Latin or mix of European languages)

La pace, como le libertá, require constante devotion et incesante vigilantia.

Miscellaneous Information:

The first Interlingua periodical was Spectroscopia Molecular, a monthly overview of international work in…molecular spectroscopy, which involves shooting energy at something in order to see what does or doesn't bounce back — physicists, chemists, and astronomers do it. Next came a newsletter, Scientia International, a digest of the latest goings-on in the world of science. Interlingua positioned itself as a way for scientists of different language backgrounds to keep up with their fields. They wouldn't even necessarily have to speak the language. As long as they understood it, it would fulfill its businesslike function. By attaching itself to science, and refraining from grand claims, Interlingua spread a little farther than it otherwise might have.

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