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Author: F. Okamoto

Date: 1962

Type: A Priori

Sample Translation
V kij kdopakd aj modk. I choose a healthful meal rather than a delicious one.

Miscellaneous Information:

Early in my wanderings through the invented languages section of the library, I became particularly absorbed in the backstory alluded to by Fuikishi Okamoto, who in 1962, when he was 77 years old, published a description of Babm, a “man-made language” for the “future World Society” and also “a theoretical system of the supreme good, which is assured by my philosophical Learning of Knowledge (not yet translated into English).” Since it is designed to be used easily by everyone from “the natives in the Himalayas” to “the inlanders of African ravines” it is “planned most simply but perfectly.”

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