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Author: D. Peterson

Date: 2001

Sample (Babel Text) Translation
pat zaɾaɾu ðoj, "jæ! noj paf noj midɛnɪm tʃapawa pat kirɛdɪm, ʎɪ-doj ʔɑpepɪtuθ lɛnt ʒi fezɪzæʒ matsalɑ, pat ɡʊʎo, noj paf noj mɑkodʒæʒɪm bavalɑ, sæmɛx noj karajiso ɡejn ʒi sejʎ ʒojzejs ʔɑbedʒɪsuθ And said they, "Onward! Let's for ourselves a city build and a tower, which it the head of in the clouds will be, and at that time, we for ourselves famous reputations will have, lest we should be scattered throughout the whole Earth the face of."

Miscellaneous Information:

The author originally intended the language to be a method of secret communication for him and his then girlfriend. The name comes from a blend of their names, Megan and David.


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