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Author: J. Yench

Date: 2003

Type: A Priori

Sample Translation
Jza s&s kEn. She is beautiful.

Miscellaneous Information:

From Yench's book A Universal Language for Mankind: "I was flying with Chennault's Flying Tigers in China in 1948, and stopped in Peking where I was invited to join an Associated Press colleague for a Peking Duck party. The talk never went above shop, even though there was present a Polish woman who was one of the few foreigners ever to know the 100 Chinese classics. At an unguarded moment, I blurted: 'You would think that in a distinguished well-traveled group like this, that the conversation would be brighter and more significant.' My host, Spencer Moosa speared me with an eye and said: 'Why don't you be an example, Yench?' I could have joined the spilled rice on the floor in humiliation, but I stick to my guns. (It was soon after this that I began working on Idirl.)"

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