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Author: J. F. Sudre

Date: 1866

Type: A Priori

Sample Translation
Dore mifala dosifare re dosiresi. I would like a beer and a pastry.

Miscellaneous Information:

It had something, however, that for a time made Sudre the toast of Paris -- or at least of Brussels. It had a performable gimmick. The syllables of his language were taken from the seven notes of the musical scale – do, re, mi, fa, sol, la, si. His language could be sung, whistled, or played on a violin. When he invited the press to a demonstration of his "Langue Musicale Universelle" in 1833, they arrived to find not to a lecture, but a show – he played phrases on his violin while his students translated them into French. If the audience members weren't impressed, they were at least entertained. A year later, Sudre took his show on the road.

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